“Helpful, fun, funny, inventive and silly, just what I needed." Amy Saunders Miss Behave UK
“In Fraser's workshop I finally felt comfortable failing, I'm funny when I fail AND I enjoy it."Jessica Arpin Switzerland
"A master teacher in workshop. Simple action visual stories. He gets you to do, not talk about. Great at it, and such joy" Paul Morocco
“If you get the chance to do his workshop I highly recommend it. Not only was it fun and learning, I haven’t laughed that hard in years” Grace Hammersley-Myers New Zealand
"Still have strong memories of this workshop. One of the best I have experienced by far." Nikki Ciotola Australia
"I did Fraser Hooper’s clown workshop over the past weekend. It was a really amazing experience. Not only did I learn more about the physical side of comedy but I also felt that I learned more about the rhythm of comedy." Joshua Samuels Wellington New Zealand
"I did a course with Fraser many moons ago in London. Twas the best two hours of the week! Learned so much and laughed so much. Everyone go!" Leonie McDonagh Ireland
"Fraser is an excellent teacher! I too have taken a few workshops and enjoyed all the fun and what I learned. Highly recommended!" Kelsey Gunn Ireland
"I really enjoyed the three days that I got to participate in your Clown Workshop in Toronto. It was really great to shake things up a bit, think about everything a bit differently and have you push me past my 'little self' and into the domain where I was thinking less and clowning more" David Aitkin The Checkerboard Canada
Grace Billings Flame Oz
Grace Billings Flame Oz
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"I have had the pleasure to do this course more than once, as well as been directed by Fraser Hooper! I can't recommend this enough, its such a wonderful course, and he is such brilliant clown!!"
Pixi Robertson NZ
Pixi Robertson NZ
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"This man is seriously funny! His workshops are brilliant! Don't miss this golden opportunity!"
Caroline Ainslie UK
Caroline Ainslie UK
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"If you’re interested in a clown workshop, Fraser Hooper is one of the best…. Highly recommended"
Kelsey Gunn Northern Ireland
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"Fraser is an excellent teacher! I too have taken a few workshops and enjoyed all the fun and what I learned. Highly recommended!"

Clown workshops

Fraser is a popular clown teacher at Circus Schools and Theatre Festivals worldwide and for twelve years was the regular clown tutor at The National Centre for Circus Arts in London. In 2009 he rewrote the clown module unit for the UK BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts. Now resident in New Zealand he juggles his year performing and teaching around the world.

Since the pandemic he has been working in schools and running evening classes for adults in Wellington. He concentrates on rhythm and play and specialises in teaching effective methods of how to give great feedback. Fraser has a huge library of clown books and clown related films which provide an invaluable resource for every class.

School clown workshops

All his workshops are based on rhythm and play and he teaches how to craft  improvisations into comic routines. For younger students he uses lots of simple physical games that are about connecting, responding and listening to each other. He encourages playful strategies that embrace failure as much as success and the students quickly learn how to make room for their friends to succeed. In Wellington he has been working closely with a school counsellor delivering confidence building workshops for young people.

“With our year 6 and 7 tamariki, Fraser led a series of workshops designed to cater for all children and also be loads of fun. Through interactive drama games, comedy gags, and physical theatre, children became more confident about expressing themselves non- verbally, and also interacting with each other. We were especially pleased to see children on the margins stepping up and wanting to get in amongst the action.”

Charles Bisley
Associate Principal
Kelburn Normal School Wellington NZ


“With the support of my amazing school Rāroa Normal Intermediate School in Wellington, I approached Fraser to combine our areas of expertise to develop a skills/confidence group for intermediate age students, which he embraced!  The groups have run in 2020 and 2021 for six consecutive weeks. Fraser is talented and brilliant to work with. The wide variety of theatre skill based activities Fraser facilitated, enabled students to build or find strengths, push themselves, be challenged, make new connections, build social skills, build confidence and most importantly have a truck load of fun! I hope to collaborate with Fraser again in the future.”

Viv Dalrymple
School Counsellor/Kaiwhakamahereora
Rāroa Normal Intermediate School Wellington 

“I have been teaching for a long time and can not recommend Fraser Hooper’s clown class for kids highly enough.  Fraser has the rare ability to truly captivate children as he is highly knowledgeable, clear in his teaching, funny and calm.  With very few props he breaks down complex clowning concepts into manageable steps and then gives ample opportunity for the children to practise these skills.  His workshops are hands-on from beginning to end and my class loved every minute!”

Ruth Cooper Deputy
Principal & Year 7 – 8 Teacher
Kahurangi School Wellington NZ