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"Consummate clowning" The Guardian

NEWS 2021


21 – 23 Show development $hantelle & Jerry NZ
24 – 27 Auckland International Buskers Festival NZ

9  Island Bay Festival Wellington NZ
16 Esplanade Day Palmerston North NZ
17 – 19 Show development Laura Oakley NZ
21 – 23 Splore Festival NZ
25 – 29 Rehearsals Wellington NZ

1 – 6 Rehearsals Wellington NZ
7 – 10 Bats Theatre NZ
30 – 31 Directing Kids Stuff Theatre Company NZ

1 – 3 Directing Kids Stuff Theatre Company NZ
6 – 7 Directing Kids Stuff Theatre Company NZ
9 – 14 Fremantle Festival Australia

31 ParkPerPlex Festival Germany

1 ParkPerPlex Festival Germany
5 – 6 Buskers Chur Switzerland
25 -28 Glastonbury Festival UK

3 – 5 Rennes Festival France
6 – 12 Edmonton Street Festival Canada
17 – 19 Grand Praire Festival Canada
21 – 22 Duckstein Festival Hamburg Germany
24 – 25 Spektakel Rosenheim Germany
26 Crailsheim Street Festival Germany
30 – 31 Olala Festival Austria

2 – 3 Duckstein Festival Lubeck Germany
7 – 8 Les Fondus Du Macadam Festival France

4 – 6 Rotenberg Street Festival Germany
10 – 14 Spektakel Landshut Germany

21 Teaching Toi Poneke Wellington NZ
28 Teaching Toi Poneke Wellington NZ

3 Teaching Bats Theatre Wellington NZ
5 Teaching Toi Poneke Wellington NZ
12 Show development Collosal NZ
12 Teaching Toi Poneke Wellington
19 Teaching Toi Poneke Wellington 
20 – 21 Rarora School workshop NZ
26 – 27 Show development Adam Rohe NZ
26 Teaching Toi Poneke Wellington 
28 – 29 Rarora School workshop NZ

2 Teaching Toi Poneke Wellington NZ
4 – 5 Teaching Rarora School workshop NZ
6 Cabaret The Cavern Club Wellington NZ
9 Teaching Toi Poneke Wellington NZ


After crazy year in 2020 where the world stopped having fun I spent the whole year at home in Wellington NZ. It was my first winter since 1995. I don’t know how my wife and kids do it!

I started 2021 performing at one of my favourite festivals The Christchurch Bread and Circus World Buskers Festival here in New Zealand. It was so great to be performing again. To advertise the festival I was contacted by The Big Idea an online Arts Newsletter to write a short piece on what I would tell my 22 year old self. You can read it here.

I am now home in Wellington slowly coming to terms with what most of us in the entertainment industry are all experiencing. NO WORK. It will change but I wish it would hurry up and all go away.

2020 was  an important year for me as it  marked thirty years of mucking about for a living as a clown. Not bad for an ex menswear manager from North London. Let’s hope this year we can all start to play again.

This is fun, my great friend Jon Hicks phoned me from London and said his son Eric is doing a circus project at school and wants to interview me. We set up a time and he fired off his questions. Eric is ten years old and he produced a fabulous biography which he deservedly got top marks for. You can view it here

I am still available for any online Skype directing sessions, if you have an idea, a project or show you are developing that you need help with with, do get in touch.

At the beginning of last summer I got asked by The NZ Herald Newspaper to write a short article on my five favourite festivals. You can read the article here:

All the best from Wellington,
Fraser x